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How on Earth do you become a Chimney Sweep? #1

Aktualisiert: 23. Aug. 2023

Hello! My name is Kevin Schwarzinger, and I am one of you: just an ordinary guy from Vienna who grew up in a working-class family and was raised without a father. I had a beautiful, but simple childhood. I spent my summer vacations on a farm instead of taking exclusive flights to far-off countries, and I lived in a small apartment in public housing rather than a big single-family home with a marvelous garden. Until my teenage years, I played as a goalkeeper for a soccer team, and my favorite hobby was playing all kinds of computer games. I spent days and nights battling terrifying monsters, racing daring car chases, and fighting for survival in a hail of bullets. "Reading" was a foreign concept to me for a long time, and I mostly engaged in rather unproductive activities.

I experienced mixed feelings about starting school. I attended an all-day school and initially had little understanding of why I had to spend almost twice as long in school each day as the other children. However, even back then, there was a particularly open and interactive learning system in place, giving students plenty of freedom. I had always been a free spirit and a rebel, so I enjoyed this type of learning a lot. I completed elementary school without any problems and secured a spot at high school.

Looking forward to exciting subjects like chemistry and physics, I eagerly anticipated the new school level. I imagined great and dangerous experiments, flames, explosions, and noise as part of everyday life there. However, when I arrived, disillusionment quickly set in. In math, we suddenly learned more about letters than numbers, in physics, we had to solve calculations, and in chemistry, there were no chemicals in sight. When I asked my teacher when I would need to calculate the hypotenuse of an isosceles triangle later in life, I received no answer or explanation. I quickly lost interest and joy in school and, even worse, my enthusiasm for learning. My grades were mediocre; my behavior was disastrous. Many parent conferences, warnings, and entries in the class register followed...

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