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Was is an Index?

Aktualisiert: 24. Aug. 2023

An index is a type of benchmark that reflects the value of a specific group of stocks or other securities. It's a quick and simple way to understand the performance of a particular asset class or sector.

Perhaps the most well-known index is the MSCI World. The MSCI World Index is a broad, global stock index that encompasses 23 countries and approximately 1,600 companies from around the world. It's an example of a market-value-weighted index, meaning the size and value of each company within the index determines its weighting within the index.

The MSCI World Index is often used as a benchmark to track and evaluate the global stock market. You can view the MSCI World Index as a portfolio of stocks that includes all the significant companies in the global stock market. By following the MSCI World Index, you can gain an overview of the performance of the global stock market without analyzing every individual company in detail.

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