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About me

I've worked 6+ years in Investment Banking & Wealth Management, advising multi-millionaires on M&A transactions and how to invest their money in the capital markets.

Meeting incredibly fascinating individuals and peek behind doors that remain closed to most.

Two things all these people had in common:

→ First, they were entrepreneurs
→ Second, they set goals that seemed unattainable at first glance

Which leads to the question:

How did I end up there?

I wasn't born into this world, nor did I have wealthy parents or an impressive network. I grew up in modest circumstances in a working-class family in Vienna, raised without a father in a social housing project.

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to completely reinvent your life?

That was the burning question in my mind when I dropped out of school to become a chimney sweep for a living. I was clueless about my next move, but I knew one thing for sure: I craved more.

More success, more wealth, more freedom.

I embarked on a wild adventure that plunged me into the infamous world of investment banking. But that wasn't the end of the story—it was just the beginning.

I even wrote a book about it, sharing the rollercoaster ride of my journey and the key principles that helped me break into Wall Street without any industry experience or a target university degree.

School Dropout, Chimney Sweep, Investment Banker — That’s My Story.

Are you ready to write yours?

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself...
The more you learn, the more you'll earn.”

Warren Buffett

Level up your career game, retire early, and travel the world.

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